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February 24, 2016

The Magics in the Glass by: James K. Davis

A recent article published on Rosco Spectrums blog about James' recent work on the Western Illinois University's production of the Tempest. 


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September 28th, 2017

A Low-Tech Solution for Projection Edge Blending- By James Davis

An article on blending different projection edges with R 114. 


June 26, 2015

Seussical Review by the River Cities Reader

A review on the Clinton Area Showboats production of Seussical.

"Set designer Steven P. House - employing a gorgeous color palette of mostly blues and oranges - and lighting designer James K. Davis worked together to create Seuss-ian sorts of tribal cutout designs in PVC pipe, with light shining through to illuminate the patterns. (The pair must have also collaborated on the backdrop given the way lighting changes completely alter its coloring, as if in a sky that's constantly shifting hues.)" 



"If I wasn't already sold on the performance about halfway through its first act, the production crew would've had me all in during the "It's Possible" scene, in which Joseph Brune's young Whovian Jojo is inspired by Morton Garringer's Cat in the Hat to explore the possibilities of imagination. (Brune alternates Showboat performances with Lilly Leding.) During this sequence, the cast stands around the balcony dangling sea creatures from strings on poles, with the underwater animals lighting up under a black light so they're almost the only things visible beyond the glowing backdrop, Jojo, and the Cat. I got chills experiencing this bit of theatrical magic, which captured me hook, line, and sinker."

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June 11, 2015

Next to Normal Quote by the River Cities' Reader

"Also impressive about Teague's production is the way designer James Kyle Davis uses his lighting schemes to reveal the characters' mental states. This is most apparent during Natalie’s “Everything Else” scene in which she attests to the power of piano performance as a way to make the pain of life disappear. Davis’ heavy use of shadows makes everything but Natalie disappear on stage, an effect that becomes clearest when Henry interrupts her, returning Natalie, and the lighting, to reality."- River Cities' Reader

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June 11, 2015

CATS Review by the River Cities Reader

A review on the Clinton Area Showboats production of Cats.

"Lighting designer James Kyle Davis accentuated the magic of this mystical cat with laser pointers on his fingers that Porrett flicks on and off at various points, shining thin, green beams of light out over the audience and, for comedic effect, in front of the chorus of cats, who paw at the lights as real felines..."

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